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DOTA2 Cinematic 2018

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Zhee-Shee Production created full CG-pack for EPICENTER event, held by Epic Esports Events in VTB ARENA during 3 days. EPICENTER is an international Dota2 cyber tournament.

We created stage mapping design, introductions for team-competitors, and CG-apogee of the event – 4-minute cinematic of DOTA2 for the opening ceremony.


In this epic intro we decided to introduce 12 teams, competing in tournament, by associating it with the most significant characters of the game. One personage for each team. The choice of character was built on fans' opinion.

The stage mapping design was vivid, while gamers were competing. Its texture was constantly flowing into different conditions, metamorphosing from grass to stone, it was destructing and reconstructing and etc. Because of organic transitions viewers didn’t get used to stage design.


It took us 4 months to carry out the project from ground zero. More than fifty specialist took part in creating graphic content for the event. It was a new layer of CG for Zhee-Shee Production team: animation complexity, detailed creation of characters and scenes.

Our cinematic received positive feedback from fans of Dota2 all over the world. There is a lack of cinematics of this game, that’s why everybody appreciated the possibility of watching favourite characters in high quality in new situation.

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interesting fact

The personage Naga from our cinematic became a star of fans’ GIFs. Why so? The answer is in the video.



Epic Esports Events

General managerMax Maslov

Creative directorMark Averbukh

Event directorEugene Kalganov

Zhee-Shee Production

Director, CG-supervizorArtem Shcherbakov

art-directorAleksey Orlov

head of 3dNail Gaynullov

Lead animatorAnton Chistyakov

Animators teamLubov Tcimbaliuk
Andrey Stifeev
Elena MArchenko
Aleksey Romashkov
Ian Aghavelian

RIGAlexander Smirnov
Yury Getman
Aleksey Pogorelov

DOPVasily Shiroky

CG-artistsAlexander Lutai
Petr Shkolny
Alexander Nemenkov
Alexander Korshakov

Character artistsArtem Dorokhin
Alexander Panin
Vadim Kosarev
Katya Glumova
Igor Serenkov

3D-modellingMichal Gnatuk
Leonid NAku
Alexander GLADYSH

VFXArtem Patin

StoryboardRoman Novak

Concept-artistsVictoriya Asaulenko
Yakov Nechushkin

Mapping part art-directorAlexander Pogrebetsky

CG-artistsLenar Singatullov
Sergey Dvoryashin
Ilya Artemenkov
Ilya Isaenko
Dmitry Kobets

Sound designDaruma Audio

EditDmitry Sebrov

ScriptPetr Samoylov

Executive ProducerNikolay Gavrilov